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Our Packaging Details

We use multiple-ply, extra-strong cardboard box with the inside fully wrapped in enough layers of paper for added insulation, and then further fully lined with a nylon sheet in the rare case of leakage so that the leaked water would not get to the cardboard. We also may use full polystyrene box for packing our fish. The fish are packed as usual in water-tight, oxygen-tight extra strong transparent nylon bags sealed with strong rubber bands before being put in the cardboard or polystyrene foam box. Depending on the fish we pack group or single per bag. For Packing, Customs, Handling, Health/Veterinary and Documentations we charge $20 each per box for standard cardboard box and $27 each for standard polystyrene box. Once we have your order and your preferred Destination Airport we will be able to give to you the appropriate airline choices and rates in relation to such factors as time of delivery, connections, etc. for your final decision on which airline we should use. We pack 1/4, 1/2, or full box. This means that we can pack up to 4 different species of fish per a single box. In special cases we may pack more species of fish, insect or plant per single box.

Size & Volume of order

o minimum or maximum volume of order. We tailor our business to the needs and specifications of our respective buyers.