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Welcome to Aquarium Fish Ghana

To provide the finest speciece of Fish at an affordable price for both import and export


To provide an international market in the fishing industry while exporting and importing various kinds of Fishes


Policy content is on the way and will be ready soon

We Deal in Variety of Aquarium Products

We use multiple-ply, extra-strong cardboard box with the inside fully wrapped in enough layers of paper for added insulation, and then further fully lined with a nylon sheet in the rare case of leakage so that the leaked water would not get to the cardboard. We also may use full polystyrene box for packing our fish.

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We ship wild-caught fish supplied to us by our team of dedicated catchers from Ghanaian waters; we also take in supplies from other West African countries when necessary. Our ultra-modern fish-keeping and quarantine facilities are located near the International Airport, Accra, Ghana.

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Give us your order and we will deliver to you according to you as per your specification.

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Orders can be made online as quick as possible. Our oders procedures and quite flexible and server well.


It take less thank 24hrs to process an oder made and proceed it to the next level


We have different kinds of shipment ranging from normal order to emergency order sent through express delivery